Alias works with men who have sex with men for money


Street work
Would you like to receive more information about safe sex, the test for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS? Do you have problems, questions or do you just want to have a talk? Alias team is present on the street Thursday evenings from 18h till 00h and Fridays evenings from 20h till 2h.


Permanent reception
Do you want to have a cup of coffee ?
Do you want to talk?
Do you want to surf the Net?
Do you need condoms or gel?
Alias team will receive you without appointment on Wednesdays between 14h and 17h.


Personal support
You have questions about :

  • Your administrative situation
  • Your papers
  • Your accommodation
  • Work

Do you want to talk about your family, about prostitution, sex, health, drugs? Do not hesitate to contact us, we can give you information.


The test for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is free and anonymous
Would you like to take a test? Have you been taking risks or do you want more information about your sexual health? You can consult a doctor at Alias, every Tuesday between 19h and 21h.


Internet hours for escorts
You would like to have some advice and interesting information about “safe sex”, STDs-AIDS and screening tests, Visit the website Every week during 2 hours, you can also have a chat with a social worker from Alias. More information on the website

All our services are free of charge.
Our address : 33, rue du Marché au Charbon, 1000 Bruxelles
Our telephone numbers :
Françoise 0486 94 17 58
Katia 0484 60 52 18
Bruno 0484 60 80 47
Aure 0485 54 72 78
Emma 0485 56 41 79
Maxime 0485 68 70 35
Our e-mail :


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